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Residential Pest Control
Monthly or Bi-Monthly


  • Recommended for full-time home owners or renters

  • Free call-back

  • Free rodent inspection


Seasonal (9 Months) 


Keeps Pest Away From Your Home,

Especially During the Warmer Months When They are Most Abundant


Call For A Free Quote: 702-258-BUGS(2847)
Commercial Pest Control

Most people tend to think of pest control in terms of residential infestations, but the importance of the industry is much broader. Especially in terms of food and health protection, where just one pest can have a devastating financial impact, not to mention an impact on customers and employees. 


Bugs R Us fully understands the importance of pest irradication and prevention in commercial accounts. We are expertly trained and remain ahead of the competition by fully understanding the pest biological makeup and using the most effective and environmentally products. 


We focus on exclusion and sanitation to keep pests out of your business permanently. Call now for a free inspection and quote!

100% Organic Pest Control


Our formula is made completely from oils 


  • Pesticide Free

  • Child and Pet Safe

  • Environmentally Safe

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